Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TI - Targeted Individual part 2

Born into the hands of my enemies. Raised in a world where every aspect of life was manipulated by them. Always surrounded by people who would lie about me. Always surrounded by people who wanted to keep me from ever having friends. To keep me from having love. To keep me from ever succeeding at anything. To be sure that I would always be hated and despised no matter where I went.

At the age of 41, after a lifetime of being controlled and manipulated, all of their work came together and was produced into a grand public deception. A public deception so vast, so complete and so severe that an entire nation was raised up against me.

It was meant to destroy me. The sheer weight and enormity of such extreme hatred suddenly being directed at me by literally millions of people was meant to not only crush my soul but to destroy my mind, my hopes, my will and to keep me from ever overcoming it or rising up above it.

Well, I thank God for His Mercy. God has used my enemies. They thought they were using me. I now know why God allowed them such control over me. It was to teach me. To teach me about my enemies. God has used my enemies, who are also the enemies of my Lord, to expose their mystery schools, their evil philosophy and their desire to rule the world and destroy humanity. God has used my enemies, to teach me how my enemies have manipulated and deceived the world for millennium.

God has always been with me. In the darkest moments of despair and loneliness, in the greatest moments of danger and peril, God has always brought me through. Not only did God bring me through but He taught me about His Love. God has let me experience His presence. God has taught me about mercy and forgiveness. God has taught me about His greatness. God has taught me about His omnipresence.

God has given me all the tools I need to defeat my enemies. It doesn't matter how rich and powerful they are. It doesn't matter how well established they are. It doesn't matter how many people they have turned against me.

It doesn't matter that the vast majority of people totally believe the deception and propaganda that has been promoted against me. It doesn't matter how long they have had to plan and prepare. God's plans will endure. God is not intimidated by their knowledge; the knowledge that they have kept hidden from the world. The truth and wisdom of God shall endure and God gives freely to all who seek it.

Even though lawyers and public officials lie to me and deny me equal protection of the law, my enemies have left me with an avenue to justice none the less. It will be God who leads me down that path to Justice. I will find someone to believe in me. I will find someone to take up my cause. Or maybe, instead, they will find me. Either way, I believe in the oneness of all of creation and I know that Truth and Justice will prevail.

God is Love. God is Great. God is Merciful. God is All-Wise. God is Majestic.

Beautiful is His name.

By the Grace of my God, I shall overcome.


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