Friday, April 19, 2013

Songkran Festival 2013 สงกรานต์ หนองคาย - YouTube

In the Thai Court of "Public Opinion" in which have I have been found guilty; the Thai media is the prosecutor, the citizens whose opinions are controlled by the media are the jurist as well as the executioners and the Thai government is the judge.

I have no lawyer, no voice, no opportunity to speak and in fact I am not even allowed in the court room. In fact, the prosecutors are the ones breaking the law and the judge blatantly lies and ignores the rule of law.

I have not broken any laws. The video that has been promoted by the Thai media and that has been the main excuse for the vile hatred, I did not make. I had no knowledge of it's existence. I know that I am not the kind of person that deserves such cruel treatment. I strongly suspect that hypnosis was used in the creation of the video. Hypnosis, invasion of privacy and any other number of criminal acts were used in the creation of that video. I am being denied the truth so that I will not have any proof of the crimes committed against me by the makers of the video nor the promoters of the video.

The Thai media has been given permission by the Thai government to break any law they wish in persecuting me. The citizens are allowed to break any laws that they wish in serving me my punishment and they have been instructed to disregard any claim of innocence on my behalf.
The Thai media has total control of any and all information concerning their persecution of me.
I have been condemned in the Thai Court of Public Opinion to a life sentence of mind deprivation, severe harassment and discrimination without ever having been given the chance to defend myself.

I need a Lawyer, someone to stand up for my basic human rights, my basic legal rights that I may have Equal Protection of the Law.

Songkran Festival 2013 สงกรานต์ หนองคาย - YouTube

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