Sunday, October 31, 2010


I wrote this single page letter as a leaflet. I had it translated into thai. The first translation was done by Dr. Chuck in NongKhai. I can not read Thai so I did not realize that Dr. Chuck had purposely made the translation to sound foolish. It was not until I heard someone reading it outloud that I realized just how foolish Dr. Chuck had made it to be. I can not recieve even the most basic services in life without being abused. When I realized what Dr.Chuck had done I had already delivered  it, along with the original english version, to 9 different Thai municipalities and handed out countless more. I had the document translated again in Bangkok. I believe, or hope, that  the second translation is more accurate. I had three hundred leaflets made, two pages each, one thai and one english. Both pages had my name, address and phone #. I handed out over a hundred, at lunch time, in front of the U.S. embassy in Bangkok. Then within a few minutes I was handing out another hundred or so in front of Thaitv3. I am not lying. I did not make that video that Thaitv3 promoted. I had no knowledge of its existence!
     Thaitv3 wants to teach me how to be good. Yet, all they give is hate. Thailand wants me to accept the truth. Yet, all you give is lies.
     Why have I been condemned? What are the charges against me? Is there no justice for a foriegner in Thailand. What is a country without laws? I never made a video. I never abused my children. I am innocent.  I stand in truth. My defense is of God.
     Why do you deny me justice? Laws have been broken. I am the victim. I never made a video. I never abused my children. Thaitv3 lied. My family lied. I want justice.
     Why have I been condemned? Why do you deny me justice? You have exiled me from humanity. You never gave me the right to a defense.
     Thaitv3 told the world that it would be good to lie to me. Thaitv3 told the world that it would be good to abuse me and torment me. Thaitv3 has promoted lies and hatred. I’ve been left an outcast of humanity, with no chance for justice for the crimes comitted against me, past or future.
     For what purpose has this been done to me? No one deserves what you have done to me. That is why most societies have laws, to protect people from the things you have already done to me. I am innocent. I want justice.
     In all that you have done to me where is your honor? You have shown yourself to be liars and haters, fearing the truth. It takes courage to admit when you are wrong. Please, I pray find the courage. May God have mercy on your souls.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Email to the Thailand Ministry of Justice

     What does the "rule of law" mean to the Ministry of Justice? I believe the staff at the Ministry of Justice hates me. What is the cause of that hatred? Why does anyone even know me at all? The hatred of me comes from the promotion of hatred by Thaitv3. Thaitv3 promoted a video that I did not make, nor did I have any knowledge of its existence. Thaitv3 promoted a pornographic video, lies and hatred.
     Thaitv3 abused their power. What Thaitv3 has done to me is both illegal and immoral. Prisons in Thailand have many people that are guilty of wickedly evil crimes. Has hatred of them ever been promoted in the same way that it has been promoted against me? It makes me wonder, was this crime by Thaitv3 allowed because I am a foreigner? Is there no justice for a foreigner in Thailand? No Thai person has ever been condemned in the same way that I have been condemned. I have been made an outcast of humanity by the lies and hatred that Thaitv3 has wrongfully promoted against me. Almost all of Thai media has followed the path that Thaitv3 forged.
     I want justice for the crimes committed against me by Thaitv3. I want to clear my name. I want to help the life's of my two children here in Thailand.
     I am being harassed everyday. People drive by my home and yell out "you're going to die" and "we're going to cut your throat". They call me beast, dog, dogface and monster. The harassment is severe. I have been exiled from humanity without a chance to defend myself. I can not go shopping for food or clothes without being harassed. I was on the train and heard the custodian talking abut the spit in my coffee. The coffee that I had already drank. A local restaurant put feces in my food. Occasionally, someone drives by and yells out "hey beast, does it taste good to eat sh**?". These things that are being done to me are hate crimes.
     The punishment I have been given is too severe. I am innocent of the accusations against me. I never owned a video camera. I never made a video. I have been condemned by a t.v. station. I was not given a chance to defend myself. My accusers said, "don't talk to me", "don't tell me the truth", "don't trust me", "don't believe me".
     The punishment I have been made to endure is one of torment and torture. Every criminal has the right to a lawyer. The right to defend themselves. My basic human rights have been taken away.
     I was previously addicted to drugs. I am guilty of doing stupid things to myself. I am innocent of the accusations against me. I never abused anyone. I do not have any sexual addictions. I am not a beast. I am not a monster. I am not a criminal.
     I am begging for mercy. Please hear my plea. I need legal aid. I need truth. I need justice.