Thursday, August 23, 2012

Targeted Individual - TI (English, ไทย, Italiano)

People find it is easy to ignore me. No one believes anything that I have to say. If someone where to consider that I might be telling the truth, then that would mean that there is a governmental conspiracy to hide the truth. No one wants to accept that possibility. It is much easier to just believe the propaganda.

Why would the media of a foreign nation go to extreme lengths to promote hatred of me? Why would the government of that nation deny the truth to me about what the media has done? Why would the U.S. Embassy defend and protect a foreign media outlet that is committing crimes against a U.S. citizen?

Thai military and the U.S. military/C.I.A. are closely linked. The U.S. government gives a lot of financial aid to the Thai government/military. All of the permits and leases for commercial television stations are owned by the Thai military. The Thai media didn't persecute me without approval of the Thai Military. The U.S. government has allowed the Thai media to persecute me.

It's much easier to think me crazy or paranoid than it is to consider the possibility that I am telling the truth.

There have been, throughout history, families that have worked together to destroy a single family member. This would not be the first time. However, often times it is difficult for good people to accept and understand the evil that exist in this world.

My mother's sister is a hypnotist. Another one of her sisters is married to a retired General. My mother and her sisters are new age-wicha spiritualist. I have been abused by them my entire life.

My family made the video that everyone hates me for; people think that I made the video and that I am some kind of horrible crazy freak. My enemies have said, "oh, he doesn't remember what he did". I am not stupid. I would never have made a video to bring such hatred and shame upon myself. I am shy. I never wanted to be famous. Thai media has made me infamous.

The hate crimes that have been committed against me by the Thai media are being permitted by the Thai government. I'm not the crazy freak that has been promoted.

What the Thai media has done to me, with the approval and help of the Thai government, is cruel and unusual punishment.

It doesn't matter if I made the video or not. Thai law prohibits persecution and promotion of hatred in the way that Thai media has persecuted me. The Thai government lies to me and denies me equal protection of the law.

I'm told by Thai officials that no one has said anything about me and that there is no hatred that is being promoted. All the while I am recognized and harassed everywhere I go. People drive by my house and yell things out at me. Yet, the Thai government denies me the truth about it.

I am being denied the truth so that I won't have any proof. I want Justice for the crimes that have been committed against me.

Thai Translation provided by: N.J. Consult and Travel, Nong Khai

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