Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Experiment

The reality of this so incredibly scary. If Derren Brown can do this I am quite sure the CIA has been able to do it long before now. The implications that this brings to light are profound.
My mother's sister is a Hypnotist. Another one of her sisters is married to a retired General.
The Thai military and the U.S. Military/CIA have a very close working relationship and the U.S. gives lots of financial aid to the Thai military.
The Thai military holds all the commercial broadcasting  leases for both television and radio. Thaitv3 did not viciously persecute me without the Thai military having full knowledge of it as well as being in approval of it. Which also highly suggests that the U.S. military as well as the U.S. Embassy/Bangkok had full knowledge of what the Thai media has and is doing to me.
By lying to me, the U.S. Embassy/Bangkok obstructed justice and conspired with Thai Authorities to allow the unlawful persecution of me by the Thai media. That persecution is meant to be a punishment. Cruel and Unusual Punishment; for the rest of my life, without any chance to defend myself in a court of law. Without any chance for an appeal or parole.
Human Rights are generally ignored in Thailand and I wouldn't expect Thai authorities to adhere to the rule of law. However, I most certainly do expect higher standards of accountability from my own government/embassy!

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