Friday, November 12, 2010

Human Rights Violations

Where do I begin?  I have so much to say and I type really slow. I am not sure if I am the most hated person in the world. Although, I am sure that I am the most hated person here in Thailand.
     Defamation is against the law in Thailand. People hate me so much here no one cares about the law. I have gone to the local police here in NongKhai. I have gone to the Royal Thai police in Bangkok. I have gone to the Ministry of Justice in Bangkok. I have gone to the Human Rights Comission in Bangkok. I have been to see about half a dozen lawyers. I have even gone to the T.V. station that started the promotion of lies and hatred against me. They all lie (to) me. Then they lie (about) me, again. They all say, they don’t know anything about me. They all say, they know nothing about anyone saying anything about me. They refuse to allow me my legal right to file criminal charges against Thaitv3. People respect Thaitv3. People hate me, but that hatred of me was given to them by Thaitv3. They say I have no proof. The National Telecommunications Commission of Thailand has the proof I need. They won’t return my phone calls.
     I have been to the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. They lied to me. I have contacted the F.B.I. by phone on Aug.4th 2006. I spoke with Todd Pantadosi in Washington, D.C.. I contacted the U.S. Attorney General’s office by mail and by phone, to no avail. My civil liberties were violated in the United States. That is where the invasion of privacy took place. That is where the video was edited and produced. It was promoted in Thailand.
    I am being tormented. People drive by my house and yell out things like; beast, monster, dog, dogface, we hate you, you’re going to die and we’re going to cut you’re throat. Everyday, everynight no matter where I go or what I do, it is the same. I can’t go shopping for food or clothes. I don’t go to resturants anymore because someone put sh** in my food. Sometimes someone will drive by and yell out, beast does it taste good to eat sh**. I was on the train and they spit in my coffee. I heard them talking about it after I drank it.
    If you go to the police and say; “someone broke into my house and stole my stuff”, do they say; “you have no proof”? If you go to the police and say; “someone beat me up and stole my money”, do they say, “ you have no proof”? They are supposed to take you at your word and investigate. There may not be any evidence after they investigate. However, it is their duty to collect and gather evidence when a crime has been reported. In my case there are millions of witnesses.  I am sure, many of the police have seen with their own eyes the defamation of me by Thaitv3.
     I went to the 7-eleven one evening to buy some milk and cereal, dinner. There was about 5 police officers sitting and standing outside. Appearently, they were taking a break from the festival going on down the street. When I came out two police officers were standing at the back of their pick-up truck. My motorcycle was parked next to their truck. One of them was staring at me while he was loading his shotgun. He asked me if I was going to leave. I knew he didn’t mean leave the store parking lot. I was going to my motorcycle to leave as it was already. He meant leave his country. I said, why?, I didn’t do anything wrong. I told him I wasn’t scared of him nor did I have any respect for him. We exchanged a few words and he got really angry. Then he yelled out, f-ing foreigner ( roughly translated). Thai people don’t have very much respect for foreigners. Foreigners are often mistreated. The word they use for foreigner, farlang, is a deragatory word. Farlang is a fruit that is very white on the inside. It is like being called a cracker or chinese people being called chink or an American Indian being called redskin or someone from the middle east being called a raghead or so on and so on. A Japanese person visiting Thailand is not called farlang. Anyway, back to the shotgun totin’ policemen. He was pretty angry and I figured it would be better if I stopped trying to convince him of just how wrong he was. So, I said I was leaving and turned around to leave. While my back was turned he fired his shotgun. It startled me. I turned back around. He asked, do you want another one?  I told him again that I wasn’t scared of him, I had no respect for him and I couldn’t care less about him. Then I said, I’m leaving. I got on my motorcycle with my milk and cereal and left. By that time, a crowd had gathered. There are quite a few witnesses to that encounter. It was in ’09, November, I think. I’m not sure.
     I have two children here in Thailand. Two different mothers, something I am not proud of. I love them both. About three years ago (’07), my son was beaten up at school and his arm was broken. He was 5 at the time. He was and is living with his grandmother. When my daughter was just over two years old I saw signs of abuse. My daughter was not living with me continuosly from the time of her birth. Her mother had left and came back a couple of times. I took my daughter to a Christian church that I had been to before. They have a social services clinic for children. There is no doctor only a nurse, a Christian. I asked the nurse to check my daughter because I believed she was being sexually abused by her mother. I didn’t want to be in the room during the examination. As I was leaving, the nurse was asking my daughter to open her legs so she could take a look. My daughter grabbed her own ankles and spread her own legs wide open. My anger was so great I thought I would explode. The nurse said there were scratches. I asked the nurse to go with me and my daughter to the police station. The nurse, the preacher’s wife, another lady, my daughter and myself all went to the police station together. The police didn’t seem to care very much. The mother of my daughter is very well known and popular in this small town. I was getting angry. Before my daughter was born, before the whole “dogface” thing, police and immigration officials both had been to my home to drink my whiskey and pretend to be a friend to me. In my heart I knew they were not there for me. They were there for my girlfriend. She and her three sisters are singers. The two older sisters no longer work as singers. The younger one still does. They have worked at many large hotels across the country. The mother of my daughter used to sing at the NongKhai Grand Hotel where her sister is now. The NongKhai police and immigration officials “knew” her before I did. They went to my home for my girlfriend, not me. Anyway, back to my anger at the police station. I went outside to smoke a cigarette and try to clear my head. After just a minute or so, the nurse came outside and asked if I was willing to have the scratches tested for DNA. I said I was willing if she would be present during the testing. I don’t trust the police, doctors or anyone else in this small town of liars and hypocrites. The preacher at the church had already lied to me. That’s why I stopped going there. The nurse said she didn’t have time for a DNA swab.
    The end result was the police sending a social worker to the house to speak with my daughter’s mother. The nurse drove us back to the church. I had left the motorcycle at the church. It was a bit of a drive for my daughter on the motorcycle from the church to the house. I asked the nurse if she would drive my daughter home. She said she would. At the house the 3 ladies said they wanted to speak to my daughter’s mother and wait for the social worker. No time for a DNA swab but plenty of time for gossip. Before they left, they prayed that the abuser would have all her dreams fullfilled and prayed everything bad for me. A couple of weeks  after that my daughter’s mother took my daughter and left again. She has come and gone many times since then. Today is Oct.9th 2010. She just came back two days ago after being gone for a month. I often hear Thai people refer to my children as “little dogs”.
    After 10 years of living in Thailand I have great sorrow for the things that I have learned. It is with much regret that I speak of the truths they have taught me. I knew these things before the lies and hatred of that video were promoted against me. I don’t speak from a point of vengance. I speak from a heart of regret. The pride of Thai people leaves them without the capacity for understanding. In their mind a foreigner can never  understand a Thai. Only Thai people know the meaning of life. Their arrogance leaves them no room for compassion. Their cruelty is without mercy. When they break the back of a foreigner they rejoice. If his sorrow causes suicide, they quickly look for another. I suppose that is why they are fourteenth in the world for murder. Thailand is a world leader in corruption as well as child explotation. Many foreigners that have lived here  for a while know these truths as well. I say “ Thai people” with the understanding that there may be a few decent people left. For the most part a Thai person will defend and lie for a fellow Thai when it comes to relationships with foreigners.
    I have heard Thai people say that, I have a thick-face (thick-skinned) and “why doesn’t he leave?”. That is exactly what my enemies want. If I kill myself, get killed or runaway, what kind of life will my children have? I am not thick-skinned. I cry everyday. I am in torment. Yet, no one cares. Not only do they not care, they think it is funny. They enjoy tormenting me. I love my children. I can not give up.
     In the past, there has been many cases of someone taking their own life after a hidden camera captured hidden moments. Then those moments were broadcast for the world to see. Cases of children and teenagers taking their own lives or someone elses because the bullying was too severe. The “scarlet letter A” has been deemed a burden too heavy to bear. Public humiliaton is a cruel and illegal form of punishment. I can empathize greatly. What has been done to me is far worse.
    The video for which everyone hates me, I did not make. I have never seen it. I only know what people say about me. I have learned it from listening to the backbitting. I never wanted to be a “superstar”. I am very shy. I previously had a drug addiction and have done things I am ashamed of. I never abused my children, my wife, my mother, my family or my freinds. The only abuse was of myself.
I can not say with any proof who had hidden cameras in my home or homes. I do not know for how long of a period of time it was being done to me.
    At the age of 14, I happened upon my cousin in my neighborhood. About a forty minute drive from his house. His mother drove him there. My mother’s sister. He wasn’t there to visit me. He didn’t call to say he was coming over. My cousin was in the park telling jokes about me to a group of teenagers. I asked him; why was he doing this to me? He replied, he had always done that to me and that he always would. I was embarressed and ashamed knowing everyone was laughing at me. I loved my cousin like a brother. He is 6 months older than me. I didn’t know what to say. I said; “ what, do you want to beat me up too?”. He punched me in the face. Someone sang out, “you asked for it, you got it Toyota”. Everyone laughed. Tears rolled down my face. I turned around and walked away. As I left, my cousin called out, “ you will never have any friends”. The year was 1978. The place was Regency apartments in Va. Beach, Va.. My cousins name is Robert Elkin Miller, from Chesapeake, Va., Indian River. My mother’s name is Carol Lee Spruill. My cousin’s mother Mary Faye Miller, has passed away. My mother has 3 other older sisters. Two older brothers that have passed away. Her younger brother is still alive. One of my mother’s sisters is a hypnotist. Another one of her sisters is married to a retired Army General. I have many cousins. Some of them I don’t know so well. I wouldn’t regonize them if I saw them. How many of them have done the same thing to me as cousin Rob did?
    My accusers are many are many. They have been allowed to speak many things. My accusers said I was not to be trusted. My accusers said don’t tell me the truth. My accusers said I was the liar. Until acuisations have been proven in a court of law, they are merely acuisations. I have no criminal record. I have never been arrested for anything. I am not the kind of person that my accusers have claimed.
    My family, my mother, my ex-wife and our children all tell me they never said anything bad about me. They love me, so they say. They say, they never heard anyone say anything bad about me. There is no video. No one hates me. No one knows my face. No one knows who I am. Everyone I know tells me the same thing. I know very well what has happened. The hatred is so obvious. I trust my own eyes and ears. I trust God. I seek truth and justice. I seek mercy. I need legal aid.
    My name is Steve Michael Dujmov Jr. I was born in Biloxi, Miss., on Feb. 21, 1964. I was raised in Va. Beach, Va.. I lived in Seaford, Del. for about two years between the ages of 11 and 13. My step-father  Samuel A. Warren was a plant manager for Cargill. I didn’t know my real father until I was 27. I attended many elementary and junior high schools. I never attended high school. Between the ages of 6 and 13, I changed schools frequently. I would live with my mother for a while and then with my step-father. Everytime I moved it would be a new school, a different apartment and a new neighborhood. I attended Harry Lundbergs School of Seamanship from Oct. ’83 to Feb. ’84. I graduated and recieved my Maryland State High School equivalency. I joined the navy in ’85 and was discharged in ’88. I married Anna Defalco in ’85. Legally seperated in ’98. I came to Thailand in Aug.2000. I lived in Bangkok for close to a year. I lived in KohnKaen for a little over 2 years. I have been living in NongKhai now for almost 7 years.
    I am living on disability compensation. I recieve disability for manic depression. I have been physically, sexually and mentally abused for most of my life. That is why my family thinks they can convince me that I am a paranoid scytzofrenic. My family knows I didn’t make that video, they did. That is why no one is supposed to tell me the truth. That is why everyone was told not to tell me the truth, not to trust me. I am innocent of the accusations against me. That is why my family says to me; “it’s all in your head, no one hates you”. It is to keep the truth from me and to try to make me think that I am crazy, to keep me from having any proof.
     My family took mistakes, embarressing moments, things that I am ashamed of, twisted them and turned them around to make it appear as though I were some kind of crazy freak. I am not what people have been made to believe. I heard someone say that I think women are dogs. I didn’t say that. What I said was, men who beat women are dogs. If you cut out the first part –men who beat-, you are left with, –women are dogs. Audio is all too easy to manipulate. If a camera is not moved and the angle continues to remain the same, it is easy to blend old images with new images.
    Why did a T.V. station promote that video and hatred of me, in such a stong and relentless way? Why have they been allowed to do so? Why am I still being lied to by puplic officials? Why am I still being lied about? Why is the truth being kept from me? From my point of view, these questions are not only frustrating but very serious.
    In the first 40 years of my life, I was being persecuted by my family. Now I am being persecuted by Thai media. I have been condemned by T.V. stations, radio stations, celebreties, singers, actors, movie producers and public officials. I have been found guilty by the court of public opinion, in a country beseiged with corruption, prejudice and low morality. I have been exiled from humanity, without ever having a chance to defend myself. I am not rich or powerful. How can I defend myself from enemies who have wealth, power, influence and posses great authority?
    How have I stayed alive since Dec. 2005? God only Knows. God is merciful. God is great. God is love. Only love can conquer hate. I have put my trust in God. I have called upon His name. God abhors a proud look, a lying tongue and a false witness who speaks lies. He who says he knows God and has not love, is a liar. All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth.                       
    I seek truth. I seek justice. I seek mercy. I need legal aid.
           "To sin by silence when we should protest makes
               cowards out of men". –Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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